Winter weddings, the new trend?

Winter is fast approaching and is increasingly attracting future newlyweds. Imagine… A wedding in the snow, in a warm atmosphere, all accompanied by some bright garlands to light up the hearts! Romantic to perfection, isn’t it? What if it were you getting married next winter? KTCHN has investigated and uncovered 4 good reasons to get married in winter. Get ready to succumb to them…

The ideal wedding dress

Since Meghan and Harry’s wedding, wedding dresses with long sleeves have become extremely trendy. Designers are not lacking in creativity and tailor dresses allowing you to be stylish while staying well bundled up.

For the chillier ones, there are plenty of chic shawls or capes that will perfectly complement your outfit.

Service provider availability

No more rejections from your service providers due to a full schedule! Service providers have more availability and will have more time to dedicate to you. What’s better than having the choice to find the provider of your dreams?

KTCHN, Choux de Bruxelles, Streat Foodtrucks, and many others will bend over backwards to meet your desires and make your day unforgettable.

Cosy Winter “atmosphere wedding”

When getting married in winter, you may want a warm and cozy venue to accommodate your guests, such as Chalet Robinson with its exposed wooden beams located in the heart of Bois de la Cambre.

With a few decorative elements, your venue will transport your guests with a romantic and convivial atmosphere without falling into the Christmas spirit.

Tailor-made wedding

An off-season wedding is an opportunity to offer a unique and unconventional menu. Forget about the traditional cold appetizers, making way for hot and succulent meals.

Why not surprise your guests by offering different stalls with mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, or even a chocolate fountain?

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