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Organizing your wedding: where do we start?

He’s popped the question, or maybe you did, and now you’re diving into the big preparations. We know, the sheer number of things to do can be overwhelming at first. It’s a bit like facing a live lobster and not knowing how to cook it… That’s why we’ve decided to help you out. We’ve gathered the 7 main aspects of your wedding so you know where to start.

1. The budget… yes, we’ll have to tackle that.

At first, it’s necessary to know how much you can invest in the most beautiful day of your life. Don’t worry, you don’t need a crazy amount. The goal is not to get into debt for the rest of your life but to organize a wedding that reflects your personality.

Only you know if you prefer to invest a little more in the caterer, the photographer, or even the wedding dress. Do your calculations.

2. The guest list, do not neglect it

This step will put the organization of your wedding to the test (we know what we’re talking about). Mr. wants to invite his great aunt, but if he does that, you also want to invite Uncle Paul or your distant cousin Alfred… Suffice it to say that you’ll have to compromise a bit.

However, this step is crucial because based on this number, you will be able to embark on the search for an event venue to host your wedding. Indeed, this venue will depend on several things, but mainly on the number of people you invite to your wedding. Don’t worry, this step is not as terrible as it sounds!

3. What will be the date?

It’s time to agree on the date of your wedding celebration. Start by determining the season you want (winter has its charm too, as explained in our last article). Then, use the funnel technique to target together 2 dates that would suit you.

Why choose 2 possible dates to organize your wedding? Just to be prepared. You never know if the venue of your dreams is booked on the first date but available at another time, it could be a jackpot for you!

4. Find the ideal wedding venue

This won’t be easy. Whether on an island, in a castle, in a former army building… There’s something for every taste! It’s up to you to find the event venue that you fall in love with, that will make you dream, and that can accommodate the desired number of guests. You need to think about it quickly because you must reserve it promptly. Generally, it is booked 9 to 12 months in advance for the high season and 3 to 6 months for the low season (winter).

When choosing your wedding venue, you need to be careful because there are 2 types of event venues: those with free caterers (you can bring in the caterer of your choice) or those without free caterers (the venue requires working with specific caterers).

When venues don’t allow free caterers, the goal is not to make your life more difficult, but the venue’s intention is to offer you a provider who knows the place inside out.

5. The caterer for your wedding: a corny choice!

An important choice not to be overlooked.
How many times have you not left a wedding thinking that the meal wasn’t great because it lacked taste, seasoning, or the visual wasn’t up to par? You don’t want your guests to think the same when leaving the table on your big day? So, you need to dive into the search for caterers without further ado. Make a small summary of the caterers in your region, ask to see what they have already done before.
Once you have chosen, ask your caterer to prepare a test dinner so you can see the plates/dishes that will be served at the table.

Want something different? Don’t want a sit-down meal? Why not bring in food trucks (yes, yes, we’ve already prepared an article on that)? Something to leave a lasting impression and create a different atmosphere for your wedding.

6. Find the photographer for the most beautiful day of your life

You will need to find a photographer who meets your expectations. Don’t hesitate to look at their work on Instagram or their website. It is important that their way of taking pictures matches your way of seeing things so that you are not disappointed with the result.

7. The wedding dress… don’t neglect it

Dress, combination, skirt, pants, you search, hunt, spot to come across THE piece of your dreams.
Don’t worry, it takes time, it’s normal! You only get married once; you must feel the most beautiful.

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