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Key Questions to Ask Your Caterer Before an Event

Finding a caterer capable of enhancing your event and transforming your vision into delectable dishes is not always an easy task. However, once you discover the perfect fit (Brussels Sprouts and KTCHN Natural, of course!), you’ll need to work with them to define the myriad details that will make your event a success. To assist you in this task, we offer a checklist of the main points to consider to address any eventualities that may arise on the big day…

Dietary restrictions? Special diets? Special diets?

During any event, there is a high probability that at least one guest may have specific dietary requirements due to allergies (gluten, nuts, lactose…) or religious beliefs (Kosher, Halal…). To accommodate the majority, it’s crucial to ensure your caterer provides an alternative to the main menu that considers these specificities. Your caterer will likely ask for an estimate of the number of special menus required, so remember to allocate space on your invitation response card to specify this type of information.

Children allowed?

The options for service during an event are numerous and varied. To make your choice among them, consider the atmosphere you want to create for your event.

Seated dinners (or banquets) are a must for weddings. Still, you can infuse your event with a more dynamic atmosphere by opting for a buffet, walking dinner, or live cooking stations where guests can explore at their leisure, discovering new delights.

The same applies to beverages. To prevent guests from waiting at the bar, opt for continuous table service or circulating drinks on a tray in the room.

What Services Are Included?

To avoid unpleasant surprises on the big day, it’s important to agree with your caterer on the products and/or services included in the price. Is service staff included? If so, until what time? Is equipment (tablecloths, napkins, dishes, cutlery…) provided?

List all your needs and go over this list with your caterer to ensure agreement on the event’s organization. Perform this check well in advance of the event date to allow for the hiring of an external provider if certain necessary services are not provided by your caterer (floral decoration, musical entertainment…).

Also, don’t hesitate to ask your caterer for references from trusted partners they have previously worked with for these additional services.

Is my reservation modifiable?

Also, inquire with your caterer about the deadlines for notifying changes to menus, schedules, or the number of guests. Since everything is meticulously organized for your satisfaction, a last-minute modification may sometimes jeopardize the smooth running of your event.

What are the possibilities for setup and decoration?

You’ve decided to wow your guests with a four-meter-high ice sculpture, a sound and light show, and a fire breather? Wonderful! But don’t forget to check whether the venue dimensions, urban planning authorizations, and the caterer’s service organization are suitable for implementing your projects…

Am I insured?

Before the big day, find out the extent to which your liability is involved for damages that may occur in the event venue and its surroundings. Is the venue provider insured for all damages? Is the caterer’s staff and/or external service providers insured for incidents occurring in the course of their duties? Do you need to take out event organization liability insurance?

Certainly, most quality caterers offering bespoke services provide optimal support from A to Z to make your event a total success!

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