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10 good reasons to organize a business event with KTCHN

The holiday season almost came to an end a month ago, bringing with it its share of annual celebrations for businesses. But other occasions throughout the year can also give rise to the creation of an event, which often proves to be a powerful communication tool for the brand or company for which it is organized.

Discover without delay 10 reasons, sometimes obvious and sometimes unknown, to organize an event for your company.

Unite and motivate your team

In many companies, work schedules and the division of staff into different departments often leave very little time for meetings. Organizing an internal party will allow you to bring everyone together in a friendly atmosphere, away from the hassles of professional life, and create a real corporate spirit that can be beneficial at all levels.

Improve your team’s productivity

A corporate event is, of course, an opportunity to relax among colleagues, but it is also and above all often the ideal opportunity to share valuable information about the life of the company. Well-informed employees about the environment in which they work have all the tools to perform their jobs optimally and become convincing ambassadors!

Find new partners

Need new suppliers? Investors for a new ambitious project? Organize an event bringing together all the players in your industry in a pleasant setting to introduce them to your company and its projects! In this more relaxed atmosphere conducive to exchanges, contacts are established much more easily and will undoubtedly bring you many proposals.

Maintain your relationships

It’s not just about creating new relationships; you also need to maintain them! Pleasant meetings at fixed intervals will allow you to keep in touch with your partners and keep your address book up to date.

Increase the visibility of your company

Your product or service is revolutionary, incredible, and indispensable, but unfortunately, no one knows about it? No need to panic; the solution is right here: develop a pleasant presentation of your company and its products and showcase it at an event with carefully chosen guests. The impact will undoubtedly be felt!

Launch a new product or service

Product launches are one of the most regularly organized corporate events. Carefully planned, in a suitable location, and with the right guests (press, influential bloggers, potential buyers…), this event will undoubtedly be one of the main guarantors of the success of your new product or service!

Leverage media presence

Nowadays, with the explosive expansion of the use of social media, everyone can share their experiences publicly and instantly. By organizing a grand event, your delighted guests will undoubtedly share their impressions and satisfaction, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your company’s brand image.

Thank and celebrate

Offer an exceptional moment to your employees or partners to thank them for their investment in the success of your company! They can only be satisfied.

Also, do not hesitate to gather them to celebrate together the significant moments in the life of your company; company anniversary, retirement of an iconic staff member… every occasion is good to come together!

Meet the press

Over the years, the press files of companies become heavier and are often not so up-to-date. To update these contacts and create new ones, do not hesitate to take advantage of a novelty in your company to present it to the press specialized in your field of activity and, at the same time, meet a crowd of journalists.

Inaugurate a new acquisition

Has your company recently acquired new offices? A new factory? A new point of sale? There is nothing better than organizing an event to introduce your new premises to your employees and business partners! This type of action allows them not only to discover the locations but also to give a dynamic image to your company.

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