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Summer buffets to share

Summer is the perfect season to organize outdoor events, enjoy the beautiful weather, and savor delicious dishes with family, friends, or even colleagues. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate party, KTCHN transforms every event into an unforgettable culinary experience. Specializing in foodsharing, the use of local and seasonal products, with a particular emphasis on plant-based dishes, KTCHN offers summer buffets to die for.

Hot or cold, expect a reinvented summer buffet that will amaze your guests.

A Cuisine Inspired by Nature

At KTCHN, nature is a major source of inspiration. Our chef, Laure Genonceaux, prioritizes fresh, seasonal products sourced from local producers and short supply chains. This approach not only ensures high-quality ingredients but also supports farmers and producers. Our summer buffets highlight authentic and natural flavors, offering your guests a true explosion of tastes and colors.

Plant-Based Dishes but Not Exclusively

Although we place vegetables at the center of the plate, our summer buffets offer a wide variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes. Crunchy and colorful salads, perfectly grilled vegetables, dishes made from grains and legumes, as well as carefully selected meats and fish.

Barbecue Specialist

Our passion for outdoor cooking, combined with our expertise, naturally leads us to create fabulous moments of conviviality around the fire. Our Ofyr barbecues and bold grilling techniques enhance top-quality products. The juiciness of braised meat, the crunchiness of grilled vegetables, and the smoky flavors of a beautifully skewered fish are fully expressed.

Foodsharing: A Friendly Experience

Foodsharing is at the heart of our philosophy. This approach creates a friendly and warm atmosphere, where guests can taste a multitude of different dishes, exchange, and share their impressions. Our summer buffets are designed to encourage this sharing.

Customized Buffets for Every Event

Whether private or corporate, we know that each event is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made buffets, adapted to your needs and desires. We work closely with you to create a menu that perfectly matches your vision.


What better moment to share than a wedding? For this special occasion, we offer refined and elegant buffets, with dishes that reflect love and celebration.
Among the proposals:

  • Goat cheese balls, edible flowers, and dried fruits
  • Miso-glazed aubergine fritters
  • Roasted cauliflower with chimichurri, pistachio granola
  • Dorade cooked on the skin, yuzu-flavored butter
  • Cardamom-braised fennel, cherry tomatoes, and basil, etc.

From cold or hot appetizers to sumptuous desserts, each dish is designed to impress and delight your guests.


For a birthday, we create festive and joyful buffets, with a variety of dishes that will please all your guests. Fresh salads, appetizing grills, creative vegetarian dishes, and delicious desserts are on the agenda. Our buffets are perfect for this kind of celebration.

Corporate Party

For a corporate party, we offer professional yet relaxed buffets, with inspiring dishes that are crowd-pleasers. The buffets offer options for all tastes and dietary preferences, and our barbecues are particularly suited for corporate dinners and evenings:

  • Rack of lamb with thyme and confit garlic
  • Shellfish with herb butter
  • Grilled zucchini with teriyaki sauce, sesame, and fried onions, etc.

It’s a feast!

Contact us today to organize your next event and discover why the KTCHN experience in summer makes all the difference!.

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