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Summer is the perfect season to organize outdoor events, enjoy the beautiful weather, and savor delicious dishes with family, friends, or even colleagues. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate party, KTCHN transforms every event into an unforgettable culinary experience. Specializing in foodsharing, the use of local and seasonal products, with a particular emphasis on plant-based dishes, KTCHN offers summer buffets to die for.

Hot or cold, expect a reinvented summer buffet that will amaze your guests.

A Cuisine Inspired by Nature

At KTCHN, nature is a major source of inspiration. Our chef, Laure Genonceaux, prioritizes fresh, seasonal products sourced from local producers and short supply chains. This approach not only ensures high-quality ingredients but also supports farmers and producers. Our summer buffets highlight authentic and natural flavors, offering your guests a true explosion of tastes and colors.

Plant-Based Dishes but Not Exclusively

Although we place vegetables at the center of the plate, our summer buffets offer a wide variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes. Crunchy and colorful salads, perfectly grilled vegetables, dishes made from grains and legumes, as well as carefully selected meats and fish.

Barbecue Specialist

Our passion for outdoor cooking, combined with our expertise, naturally leads us to create fabulous moments of conviviality around the fire. Our Ofyr barbecues and bold grilling techniques enhance top-quality products. The juiciness of braised meat, the crunchiness of grilled vegetables, and the smoky flavors of a beautifully skewered fish are fully expressed.

Foodsharing: A Friendly Experience

Foodsharing is at the heart of our philosophy. This approach creates a friendly and warm atmosphere, where guests can taste a multitude of different dishes, exchange, and share their impressions. Our summer buffets are designed to encourage this sharing.

Customized Buffets for Every Event

Whether private or corporate, we know that each event is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made buffets, adapted to your needs and desires. We work closely with you to create a menu that perfectly matches your vision.


What better moment to share than a wedding? For this special occasion, we offer refined and elegant buffets, with dishes that reflect love and celebration.
Among the proposals:

From cold or hot appetizers to sumptuous desserts, each dish is designed to impress and delight your guests.


For a birthday, we create festive and joyful buffets, with a variety of dishes that will please all your guests. Fresh salads, appetizing grills, creative vegetarian dishes, and delicious desserts are on the agenda. Our buffets are perfect for this kind of celebration.

Corporate Party

For a corporate party, we offer professional yet relaxed buffets, with inspiring dishes that are crowd-pleasers. The buffets offer options for all tastes and dietary preferences, and our barbecues are particularly suited for corporate dinners and evenings:

It’s a feast!

Contact us today to organize your next event and discover why the KTCHN experience in summer makes all the difference!.

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The first signs of spring: the perfect opportunity to plan your barbecue events with KTCHN

The first signs of spring: the perfect opportunity to plan your barbecue events with KTCHN The first rays of sunshine herald the imminent arrival of warmer days. At KTCHN, we are already in the starting blocks, ready to assist you in planning your summer festivities. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than by enjoying delicious barbecues outdoors? Whether it’s for a corporate event, a family gathering, or a simple get-together with friends, our barbecues are designed to satisfy every craving and palate.

With our magnificent BBQ Ofyrs, we enhance both vegetables and meat, fish, and seafood, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience for all. Imagine: the sun warms your skin, the glowing embers crackle, and the tantalizing smell of grilling fills the air. While your guests relax and enjoy themselves, our team takes care of every detail, allowing you to fully enjoy these precious moments.

Book your KTCHN BBQ now: create unforgettable memories, bite by bite

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, a corporate event, or simply the arrival of warmer days, a home barbecue remains an incomparable option for creating enduring memories. Don’t wait any longer to reserve your barbecue with KTCHN. With our culinary expertise and passion for exceptional service, we’re here to help you create unforgettable moments.

When the cold season sets in, many relegate the barbecue to the realm of summer memories. Our catering service KTCHN has decided to break seasonal rules by bringing the warmth of grilling to the heart of winter. Welcome to the enchanted world of winter barbecues, a culinary experience that combines conviviality and frosty flavors.

Let’s celebrate the cold with a touch of warmth

Imagine a whole salmon cooked to perfection on a cedar plank, infused with smoky aromas delicately dancing in the chilly air. Or perhaps you prefer to succumb to the tenderness of grilled meat, warming each bite with an explosion of flavors.

Diverse dishes for all tastes

KTCHN offers a variety of dishes ranging from seafood to grilled vegetables. From juicy shrimp to decadent lobster, each bite is an invitation to a culinary journey. The grill becomes a canvas where unique culinary creations come to life, showcasing seasonal ingredients for an authentic and memorable experience.

Human warmth and sharing around the embers

Beyond gastronomic delights, KTCHN has captured the very essence of the cold season: human warmth and sharing. Winter barbecues become moments of conviviality, bringing together friends, family, or colleagues around the dancing flames. Laughter echoes in the crisp air as guests gather around the fire, creating memories that will warm hearts long after the evening ends.

A real option, even in the depths of winter.

The coldest months of the year should not overshadow the joy of outdoor dining. KTCHN proves that winter barbecues are much more than just an option – it’s a culinary celebration in its own right. Talented chefs and a dedicated team work tirelessly to provide an experience that transcends seasons, making winter barbecue a tradition not to be missed.

Let’s warm up the winter!

As the cold sets in, KTCHN invites gastronomy lovers to push seasonal boundaries and embrace the warmth of winter barbecues. With exquisite flavors, a friendly atmosphere, and a commitment to excellence, each event becomes a unique celebration. Turn your winter evenings into memorable feasts.

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Sustainability and romance can harmoniously intertwine! Explore our 2024 Trends Guide for an unforgettable eco-friendly wedding.

Traditionally festive, weddings can unfortunately be a source of excessive energy consumption, time, money, and carbon emissions. Choices such as single-use dresses, meals leading to waste, and unnecessary travel contribute to this ecological footprint. However, an emerging trend towards eco-responsible weddings is gaining momentum. Here is an overview of the latest trends transforming wedding celebrations into more environmentally-friendly events.

A seasonal menu

Opt for a menu highlighting local and seasonal ingredients, thereby reducing carbon footprint while offering an authentic culinary experience.” Seasonal menus support local producers and ensure the freshness of ingredients.

An eco-friendly decoration

The eco-chic approach is gaining ground in decoration. Choices such as reusable items, recycled materials, and seasonal flowers create an elegant ambiance while minimizing environmental impact

thical fashion for the newlyweds

Sustainable attire is increasingly in vogue, reflecting a commitment to sustainability without compromising style. Dresses and suits made from eco-friendly materials or by local designers are at the heart of this trend, and why not consider a second-hand designer dress?

An eco-friendly ceremony venue

Choose an eco-responsible site for celebrating your wedding. The choice of a single location for both the ceremony and reception also reduces travel and associated emissions.

A sustainable wedding registry

When creating your wedding registry, consider including items from companies that support sustainable practices. Items made from recycled materials, ethically manufactured, or promoting a sustainable lifestyle are all possible options.

Responsible waste management

Responsible waste management is an integral part of eco-friendly weddings. Solutions such as biodegradable tableware, recycling, and waste reduction help minimize the environmental impact of the event.

Responsible honeymoon travel

When choosing your honeymoon destination, prioritize options closer to home or consider more sustainable modes of transportation than flying. Also look for accommodations committed to sustainable practices.

Organizing an eco-friendly wedding is a reflection of the values you want to convey. Remember that every little gesture makes a difference and it’s not necessary to be perfect in every aspect.

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Winter is fast approaching and is increasingly attracting future newlyweds. Imagine… A wedding in the snow, in a warm atmosphere, all accompanied by some bright garlands to light up the hearts! Romantic to perfection, isn’t it? What if it were you getting married next winter? KTCHN has investigated and uncovered 4 good reasons to get married in winter. Get ready to succumb to them…

The ideal wedding dress

Since Meghan and Harry’s wedding, wedding dresses with long sleeves have become extremely trendy. Designers are not lacking in creativity and tailor dresses allowing you to be stylish while staying well bundled up.

For the chillier ones, there are plenty of chic shawls or capes that will perfectly complement your outfit.

Service provider availability

No more rejections from your service providers due to a full schedule! Service providers have more availability and will have more time to dedicate to you. What’s better than having the choice to find the provider of your dreams?

KTCHN, Choux de Bruxelles, Streat Foodtrucks, and many others will bend over backwards to meet your desires and make your day unforgettable.

Cosy Winter “atmosphere wedding”

When getting married in winter, you may want a warm and cozy venue to accommodate your guests, such as Chalet Robinson with its exposed wooden beams located in the heart of Bois de la Cambre.

With a few decorative elements, your venue will transport your guests with a romantic and convivial atmosphere without falling into the Christmas spirit.

Tailor-made wedding

An off-season wedding is an opportunity to offer a unique and unconventional menu. Forget about the traditional cold appetizers, making way for hot and succulent meals.

Why not surprise your guests by offering different stalls with mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, or even a chocolate fountain?

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Envie d’en savoir plus ?

He’s popped the question, or maybe you did, and now you’re diving into the big preparations. We know, the sheer number of things to do can be overwhelming at first. It’s a bit like facing a live lobster and not knowing how to cook it… That’s why we’ve decided to help you out. We’ve gathered the 7 main aspects of your wedding so you know where to start.

1. The budget… yes, we’ll have to tackle that.

At first, it’s necessary to know how much you can invest in the most beautiful day of your life. Don’t worry, you don’t need a crazy amount. The goal is not to get into debt for the rest of your life but to organize a wedding that reflects your personality.

Only you know if you prefer to invest a little more in the caterer, the photographer, or even the wedding dress. Do your calculations.

2. The guest list, do not neglect it

This step will put the organization of your wedding to the test (we know what we’re talking about). Mr. wants to invite his great aunt, but if he does that, you also want to invite Uncle Paul or your distant cousin Alfred… Suffice it to say that you’ll have to compromise a bit.

However, this step is crucial because based on this number, you will be able to embark on the search for an event venue to host your wedding. Indeed, this venue will depend on several things, but mainly on the number of people you invite to your wedding. Don’t worry, this step is not as terrible as it sounds!

3. What will be the date?

It’s time to agree on the date of your wedding celebration. Start by determining the season you want (winter has its charm too, as explained in our last article). Then, use the funnel technique to target together 2 dates that would suit you.

Why choose 2 possible dates to organize your wedding? Just to be prepared. You never know if the venue of your dreams is booked on the first date but available at another time, it could be a jackpot for you!

4. Find the ideal wedding venue

This won’t be easy. Whether on an island, in a castle, in a former army building… There’s something for every taste! It’s up to you to find the event venue that you fall in love with, that will make you dream, and that can accommodate the desired number of guests. You need to think about it quickly because you must reserve it promptly. Generally, it is booked 9 to 12 months in advance for the high season and 3 to 6 months for the low season (winter).

When choosing your wedding venue, you need to be careful because there are 2 types of event venues: those with free caterers (you can bring in the caterer of your choice) or those without free caterers (the venue requires working with specific caterers).

When venues don’t allow free caterers, the goal is not to make your life more difficult, but the venue’s intention is to offer you a provider who knows the place inside out.

5. The caterer for your wedding: a corny choice!

An important choice not to be overlooked.
How many times have you not left a wedding thinking that the meal wasn’t great because it lacked taste, seasoning, or the visual wasn’t up to par? You don’t want your guests to think the same when leaving the table on your big day? So, you need to dive into the search for caterers without further ado. Make a small summary of the caterers in your region, ask to see what they have already done before.
Once you have chosen, ask your caterer to prepare a test dinner so you can see the plates/dishes that will be served at the table.

Want something different? Don’t want a sit-down meal? Why not bring in food trucks (yes, yes, we’ve already prepared an article on that)? Something to leave a lasting impression and create a different atmosphere for your wedding.

6. Find the photographer for the most beautiful day of your life

You will need to find a photographer who meets your expectations. Don’t hesitate to look at their work on Instagram or their website. It is important that their way of taking pictures matches your way of seeing things so that you are not disappointed with the result.

7. The wedding dress… don’t neglect it

Dress, combination, skirt, pants, you search, hunt, spot to come across THE piece of your dreams.
Don’t worry, it takes time, it’s normal! You only get married once; you must feel the most beautiful.

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The holiday season almost came to an end a month ago, bringing with it its share of annual celebrations for businesses. But other occasions throughout the year can also give rise to the creation of an event, which often proves to be a powerful communication tool for the brand or company for which it is organized.

Discover without delay 10 reasons, sometimes obvious and sometimes unknown, to organize an event for your company.

Unite and motivate your team

In many companies, work schedules and the division of staff into different departments often leave very little time for meetings. Organizing an internal party will allow you to bring everyone together in a friendly atmosphere, away from the hassles of professional life, and create a real corporate spirit that can be beneficial at all levels.

Improve your team’s productivity

A corporate event is, of course, an opportunity to relax among colleagues, but it is also and above all often the ideal opportunity to share valuable information about the life of the company. Well-informed employees about the environment in which they work have all the tools to perform their jobs optimally and become convincing ambassadors!

Find new partners

Need new suppliers? Investors for a new ambitious project? Organize an event bringing together all the players in your industry in a pleasant setting to introduce them to your company and its projects! In this more relaxed atmosphere conducive to exchanges, contacts are established much more easily and will undoubtedly bring you many proposals.

Maintain your relationships

It’s not just about creating new relationships; you also need to maintain them! Pleasant meetings at fixed intervals will allow you to keep in touch with your partners and keep your address book up to date.

Increase the visibility of your company

Your product or service is revolutionary, incredible, and indispensable, but unfortunately, no one knows about it? No need to panic; the solution is right here: develop a pleasant presentation of your company and its products and showcase it at an event with carefully chosen guests. The impact will undoubtedly be felt!

Launch a new product or service

Product launches are one of the most regularly organized corporate events. Carefully planned, in a suitable location, and with the right guests (press, influential bloggers, potential buyers…), this event will undoubtedly be one of the main guarantors of the success of your new product or service!

Leverage media presence

Nowadays, with the explosive expansion of the use of social media, everyone can share their experiences publicly and instantly. By organizing a grand event, your delighted guests will undoubtedly share their impressions and satisfaction, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your company’s brand image.

Thank and celebrate

Offer an exceptional moment to your employees or partners to thank them for their investment in the success of your company! They can only be satisfied.

Also, do not hesitate to gather them to celebrate together the significant moments in the life of your company; company anniversary, retirement of an iconic staff member… every occasion is good to come together!

Meet the press

Over the years, the press files of companies become heavier and are often not so up-to-date. To update these contacts and create new ones, do not hesitate to take advantage of a novelty in your company to present it to the press specialized in your field of activity and, at the same time, meet a crowd of journalists.

Inaugurate a new acquisition

Has your company recently acquired new offices? A new factory? A new point of sale? There is nothing better than organizing an event to introduce your new premises to your employees and business partners! This type of action allows them not only to discover the locations but also to give a dynamic image to your company.

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Finding a caterer capable of enhancing your event and transforming your vision into delectable dishes is not always an easy task. However, once you discover the perfect fit (Brussels Sprouts and KTCHN Natural, of course!), you’ll need to work with them to define the myriad details that will make your event a success. To assist you in this task, we offer a checklist of the main points to consider to address any eventualities that may arise on the big day…

Dietary restrictions? Special diets? Special diets?

During any event, there is a high probability that at least one guest may have specific dietary requirements due to allergies (gluten, nuts, lactose…) or religious beliefs (Kosher, Halal…). To accommodate the majority, it’s crucial to ensure your caterer provides an alternative to the main menu that considers these specificities. Your caterer will likely ask for an estimate of the number of special menus required, so remember to allocate space on your invitation response card to specify this type of information.

Children allowed?

The options for service during an event are numerous and varied. To make your choice among them, consider the atmosphere you want to create for your event.

Seated dinners (or banquets) are a must for weddings. Still, you can infuse your event with a more dynamic atmosphere by opting for a buffet, walking dinner, or live cooking stations where guests can explore at their leisure, discovering new delights.

The same applies to beverages. To prevent guests from waiting at the bar, opt for continuous table service or circulating drinks on a tray in the room.

What Services Are Included?

To avoid unpleasant surprises on the big day, it’s important to agree with your caterer on the products and/or services included in the price. Is service staff included? If so, until what time? Is equipment (tablecloths, napkins, dishes, cutlery…) provided?

List all your needs and go over this list with your caterer to ensure agreement on the event’s organization. Perform this check well in advance of the event date to allow for the hiring of an external provider if certain necessary services are not provided by your caterer (floral decoration, musical entertainment…).

Also, don’t hesitate to ask your caterer for references from trusted partners they have previously worked with for these additional services.

Is my reservation modifiable?

Also, inquire with your caterer about the deadlines for notifying changes to menus, schedules, or the number of guests. Since everything is meticulously organized for your satisfaction, a last-minute modification may sometimes jeopardize the smooth running of your event.

What are the possibilities for setup and decoration?

You’ve decided to wow your guests with a four-meter-high ice sculpture, a sound and light show, and a fire breather? Wonderful! But don’t forget to check whether the venue dimensions, urban planning authorizations, and the caterer’s service organization are suitable for implementing your projects…

Am I insured?

Before the big day, find out the extent to which your liability is involved for damages that may occur in the event venue and its surroundings. Is the venue provider insured for all damages? Is the caterer’s staff and/or external service providers insured for incidents occurring in the course of their duties? Do you need to take out event organization liability insurance?

Certainly, most quality caterers offering bespoke services provide optimal support from A to Z to make your event a total success!

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